AABAJ Youth Contest

Compete with kids K-12 in a range of topics!


A sample list of words for the spelling bee would be shared with all participating kids, about a week before the contest.

Kids would be split in two groups- Grade 1-3 in one group and Grade 4-5 in another. Both groups
will have top 5 kids winning the cash prize of $20 each.

Debate would be conducted in Lincoln-Douglas format where contestants are required to argue
both sides of the topic. Topics for the debate will be communicated two weeks before the event

Essay topics would be communicated on the spot. It would be a rather generic topic, with a word
limit of 500 words. Stationary to write will be provided on-site.

For the kid’s drawing event, stationary for the drawing will be provided by AABAJ. Kids would be asked to create a drawing on a rather generic subject. Last year’s subject was – Our Beautiful World.

You can bring your own snacks and water. AABAJ will arrange for snacks, water/juice bottles and
Tea. The event is in the HSNC convention hall area, which has plenty of restrooms and seating area.

Please avoid any non-veg item as this is a temple complex.

  1. Please ensure that you are present at the check-in counter before the scheduled time of your event.
  2. Please avoid phone-calls in the hall/rooms where events are being held.
  3. Please ensure any trash is disposed-off properly.
  4. Please ensure the peaceful decorum of temple campus is not disturbed in any manner.

Detailed information about the event schedule and events will become available as the date approaches.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to